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Best age to begin learning the piano?

by Crystal Lee

Child Playing the Piano

5-8 years old.

However, every child is different.


If your child has shown an early interest in playing the piano, for example, around 4 years old, you are welcome to book a trial lesson with me for your child.


If your child responds well to the trial lesson, we could have piano lessons for a month to see if your child enjoys the lessons and understands the lessons.

Here is a general assessment during the trial lesson to see if your child is ready to begin piano lessons: 


Has your child shown an interest in music?


Can you child sit through a 30-minute lesson?


Are your child's hands big enough to play the piano?


Can your child's fingers support the weight of the piano keys?


How well does your child communicate with adults?

However, it's never too late to start learning the piano! Contact us today to find out more about individualised piano lessons.

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