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Welcome to City Piano Tutoring.



Hi! I am Crystal.

As a piano tutor with years of teaching experience in Asia and the U.K., I provide 1:1

piano lessons (in-person & online) and

music theory lessons. 

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Do you know...

It's easy to play all the right notes, but it requires a lot more to be truly able to connect with the music.


The no.1 reason why people feel stuck in their piano playing is because of the lack of foundational piano techniques.


The no. 2 reason is because of the lack of an effective practice strategy. We only have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


What's next? 

To be able to truly enjoy playing the piano, we need to get back in touch with ourselves to investigate what is blocking us from going to the next level. I am here to help you fully connect your piano playing with yourself.

I have vast experiences teaching both children and adults. I mainly teach in North Greenwich, Southeast London, however my students are based all over London (e.g. West London, North London), and in other cities (e.g. Manchester, Birmingham) as I also teach online.

Contact me today at or by phone on 07543098107 to have a

friendly initial consultation. 

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Here are some contents I wrote about learning the piano that you might find helpful:

Why Studying with me?

​As seen on Google!

I've had lessons with Crystal at City Piano Tutoring throughout 2020 and will be continuing in 2021. We started before lockdown and I enjoyed the face to face lessons with her, where she has a grand piano to teach with. Since lockdown we have conducted lessons via Skype and they have continued to be just as successful and rewarding. I am an adult student, and though I play other instruments, piano is new to me. Crystal has worked with me to help explore the music that will both develop my technique and knowledge, as well as keeping me inspired. In terms of progression, we have spent time looking at the ABRSM grade qualifications, exploring them at my pace. While lockdown has gotten in the way of actually taking any exams, I feel confident that I would be fully prepared for them as a result of her tutoring. I would highly recommend her as a tutor!

-Nicholas H., student

I have been taking weekly (online) lessons with Crystal since mid January 2021 and have been enjoying every lesson! I started playing the piano as a teenager but stopped for almost 10 years. It’s only this January that I decided to start playing and taking piano lessons again. Although it’s only been 4 months, I think that I have made a lot of progress. Crystal is a really good teacher, she is dedicated and patient (even when I don’t have much time to practise during the week, each lesson is always extremely rewarding). As a teacher (of Classics) myself, I am quite picky about teaching styles - but I have really enjoyed every online lesson with Crystal. I feel like I have learnt more with her in 4 months than I did in my 4 years of piano lessons back then! I have learnt so much, not only about technique but also about musicality. While I initially thought that I would not enjoy taking online piano lessons, it has actually been working very well and I am very grateful to have Crystal as my teacher. I would completely recommend her as a tutor! 

-Felix C., student

I studied piano for three years as a child. I started again few years ago, but I was not progressing much. I have been taking lessons from Crystal since March 2021 and in just few weeks I have achieved what it would take me months to accomplish on my own despite the long hours spent studying. Crystal has helped me overcome technical difficulties as well as other aspects of piano playing such as relaxation, concentration and how to get over the fear of performing in public. Crystal is incredibly generous in sharing valued techniques to help facilitate learning pieces, improve techniques and to enhance the musicality of each piece. I can only wholeheartedly recommend Crystal to anyone who is serious about learning to play the piano.

-Antonio N., student

Since my 8 year old daughter started with Crystal a mere 4 weeks ago her piano playing has excelled and went from strength to strength at an extremely fast rate. Crystal not only has a lovely demeanor with children but is highly efficient in her teaching. Crystal's method of teaching not only has inspired my daughter to practice her piano diligently with no coercion but has given her a real joy when playing and learning. Learning to develop the important skill of self correction and learning how to perfect her playing in greater depth and showing a real maturity and appreciation for her instrument and music. This has then went on to influence her learning style with other subjects also. Crystal has also incorporated theory from day one, once again this has paid dividends. My daughter continuously looks forward to her weekly lesson with Crystal. Crystal has been both inspiring and extremely encouraging. Crystal really has worked wonders in such a short amount of time. Not only is this extremely impressive from the point of a parent but also extremely rare when working with young children. Crystal can skillfully quash any previous poor practice that may of occurred or any previous negative teaching. In addition to having a very impressive piano studio. Crystal's teaching is highly impressive, highly efficient and worth every penny. Our whole family cannot recommend Crystal highly enough.

-Ruth M., parent



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