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Self-diagnosis on the Piano

by Crystal Lee

Do you have the following 'symptoms' when playing the piano?

  • ​​​I struggle to read music while playing the piece

  • I struggle to play with hands together

  • I feel stiffness and tensions in my hands and body while playing the piano

  • I don't feel connected to the music when I play it

  • I don't progress the way I want even after daily practiromce

  • I struggle to perform a piece without interruption

  • I am aware that I need to develop my piano techniques further to play a certain piano piece

  • I would like to bring my performance to a higher level but I lack the required musical knowledge

  • I feel stuck in my piano practice and I am looking for inspirations and advice

If you experience any of the above 'symptoms', please feel free to get in touch. I am here to help!

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