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Why piano?

by Crystal Lee

Grand Piano

Do you know...

how playing the piano transforms your life?

In the process of learning the piano, we are learning many different skills at the same time other than simply moving our fingers around the keyboard.

You will be amazed how many life skills are involved in learning how to play the piano!

Here are some examples:


Confidence is critical to achieve a high level performance.

Confidence can be trained and built.

In my piano lessons, I will teach you how to perform a piano piece confidently. 


We all have the ability to change a certain habit, and to develop a new habit.

In my piano lessons, I am going to teach you how to get rid of any 'bad habits' on the keyboard, relearn from ground zero, and make it into a new habit.


The better you are at problem-solving, the higher chance you will achieve your goal in life.

In my piano lessons, I am going to guide you to tackle the problems you might have on the keyboard. 


Learning the piano is a journey. 


Sometimes we make a lot of progress, sometimes we don't.

This is when we really need to be patient with ourselves and trust the process!

So pease be patient with yourself, I am here to help!


Music-making is a complex process. It involves a lot of brain activities, before and during playing the piano. 

Our left brain is in charge of processing the score. The key signature, the harmony, the structure of the piece, the rhythm...etc.


Our right brain on the other hand, takes care of our emotions, our sensory input...etc. 

They work with each other constantly and yet they process different things.

Knowing our own brain is crucial to a high level performance.

In my piano lessons, I am going to teach you how to achieve that.


A lot of  people think playing the piano is all about the hands and the fingers.

This results in poor posture and  poor hand position.

The truth is, even playing one single key involves the coordination of your whole body.

In my piano lessons, I am going to show you how to fully coordinate your body muscles because it is crucial to high-level piano playing.


Have you ever played a piano piece fluently already, and yet you feel there is something missing?

To express ourselves as freely as we would like, we need to look into our emotional expression mechanism. 

In my piano lessons, I am going to guide you how to express yourself fully on the keyboard and connect yourself with the music.


The more mindful you are with your surroundings, the calmer you will feel. 

This is a very useful skill to reduce stress. If you are good at it, you will have a higher chance of delivering a stable performance under the most adverse circumstance.

In my piano lessons, I will teach you how to apply mindfulness in your piano playing.


How well do you respond to challenge?

The key to achieve depends on what you tell yourself. 

I believe in all my students. I believe with dedication, every one of them will play at the level they set their mind at. 

If you don't give up and follow my guidance, there WILL be results.


Concentration can be built up and is within our control. 

The entire process of learning how to play the piano is a huge training of your ability to stay focused. 

If you continue to work on it, your ability to focus will grow over time.

In my piano lessons,

I am going to teach you how to increase your concentration level.


Do you know how to stay relaxed in your body?

If you are not relaxed within yourself, tension is built and that is the no. 1 enemy to piano playing.


 In my piano lessons, I am going to teach you different techniques to stay relaxed in a piano performance.


Time is never enough.

However how to spend our time is within our control.

How much time do you practice on the piano a day?

Have you ever felt no matter how many times you practice the same piece, there isn't much progress?

It's time to look into how you practice.

If you know how, you will be able to spend your day more efficiently and have a much better result on the piano.

In my piano lessons, I am going to show you different practice strategies.

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